All Legal and Commercial Concepts you ever need to know to start, run, fund, exit and invest in a Startup in the UAE.

We partnered up with Entrepreneur Middle East and are pleased to invite you to our complimentary 8-Part Webcast Series.

Designed to suit the needs of first time Entrepreneurs, Start-up Founders, CEOs of Early Stage Businesses and Angel Investors.

In our monthly 60 minute webcast we will cover essential legal and commercial considerations for starting, running, funding, exiting and investing in a Startup in the UAE.

The First Webcast is coming up in September 2017, sign up to get your place now!


  1. Starting up: 27-Sep-2017, 3PM - 4PM
  2. Running your Business Part-1: 25-Oct-2017, 3PM - 4PM
  3. Running your Business Part-2: 29-Nov-2017, 3PM - 4PM
  4. Managing your HR resources: 31-Jan-2018, 3PM - 4PM
  5. Investing in a Startup - Investment Contracts and Due Diligence process for Investors: 28-Feb-2018, 3PM - 4PM
  6. Intellectual Property Rights: 28-Mar-2018, 3PM - 4PM
  7. Funding your Startup: 25-Apr-2018, 3PM - 4PM
  8. Avoiding and Managing Disputes: 30-May-2018, 3PM - 4PM