Hello, my name is Irina Heaver, I am an Australian business lawyer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

I am a Partner with Fichte&Co, heading Corporate & Commercial practice. You can read my official bio here.  

I have spent over 13 years representing international heavyweights in the construction, maritime and oil&gas sectors on multibillion projects (yes, billion with a ‘b’) before moving into private practice.

My specialisation is in Technology and Industrial sectors.

I work with fintech, online marketplaces, e-commerce, cyber security, online services, software, digital media and technology development companies; as well as heavy industrial players, such as engineering, chemicals, industrial manufacturing, energy, oil&gas and defence companies.

I also occasionally represented non-technology and non-industrial companies in such sectors as F&B, healthcare and professional services.  My favourite client in F&B is Operation Felafel. Their shawarmas are the best!!

I love working with entrepreneur-led businesses at various stages of their growth cycle advising on the entire range of business law matters. I strongly believe that entrepreneurship is the answer to economic empowerment of youth and equality for women in the Middle East, and it is extremely rewarding being part of the ecosystem. I learn so much from my entrepreneurial clients. Their mental strength, persistence and resourcefulness are inspirational.

At the moment, I get engaged more often by investors, rather than by business founders. Unfortunately, it takes a few business mistakes and a few serious losses before an entrepreneur realises the value that a good business lawyer can add to their venture. I trust this will change with time as our UAE entrepreneurial ecosystem develops and matures. 

I am a big advocate for women in leadership and I am on the Board of the Dubai chapter of Ellevate Network. Feel free to come to our next event to say hello. Our events schedule is here.

I am active on LinkedIn, covering current news and legal developments on doing business in the MENA Region in general, and in the UAE specifically, feel free to connect with me!

I am trying to keep up with Twitter as well, follow me!